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Silver Rocket 5000

This one’s based on a first sentence prompt. Read that first sentence and tell me it’s not ridiculous. Thus, I think it’s fair that a ridiculous prompt deserves a ridiculous story!

The friend I got the prompt from called the story campy, and I think that’s spot on. I was binging on some British TV at the time I wrote it (something about a certain Doctor, though I don’t recall Who) so that may have coloured the story a bit as well. Hope you enjoy it!

Update! This story has been published in the inaugural issue of JUMP (click here to see it). There’s a bunch of other great sci-fi shorts, so by all means check it out and give it a read.

Silver Rocket 5000

This was a situation, James realized sadly, in which his toothbrush would be of no use whatsoever. And it was such a smart thing too. A brand-new, still-in-the-package Silver Rocket 5000. Eight-thousand RPM, a sleek ergonomic handle, a built in timer and alarm, a base-station with integrated charger, and a pressure sensor of all things, to make sure he wasn’t brushing too hard. It was a toothbrush that cared. And on top of everything else, the batteries were included. Continue reading Silver Rocket 5000